Rajesh Vaswani

The best use of limited space and at the same time fulfilling their requirement.

Suketu Patel

Here the biggest challenge was how to place the surround speaker as the side speaker of HT room was made of glasses.

Manish Banker

To provide the cost effective solution, also it was an essential requirement to have a perfect sync between the locks and the system.

Club Babylon

To provide the best possible way to showcase what this club offers.

Kintec Synergy

Here the challenge was to provide the cost effective solution with video conference using Skype.

Monark Projects

To install security solution which had to blend with interior touch.


Required a huge coordination part with other agencies, as their work was completed.

Raj Patel

To provide distributed audio in outhouse and at the same time leaving the maximum space for party.

Swagat Group Banquet

To provide the best solution of lighting effect for different occasions.

Bhavesh Patel

The challenging part was to provide a solution that enable then to have sunlight in their house even when the house was surrounded by walls.