The best thing about our Squad! They all are SO passionate and willing to do the “Innovative” act FIRST. It’s been 5 Best Years to All Automatic and we’ve grown from the first step to Best of Steps in these years, all because of the Team we have at All Automatic – The All Automatic Squad.

The All Automatic Squad is now 27 Members in total with ONE FOCUS – “DO THE ACT FIRST”

“DO THE ACT FIRST” is the Motto which was first said by Dhaval Shah – The Co-CEO and COO of All Automatic. This Motto has led the entire company to do the activities, which leads the project to completion.

Since you’ve been hearing a lot about the Inceptors of All Automatic, let us tell a bit more about them to you.

Mihir Saraiya

The Most Gentle, Generous and Growth Focused who apparently had Qualified Background in Education, but has made it larger in life. This cannot be a typical entrepreneur story as he has been through most of ups and downs in life but always have made The Solid Decisions to lead the company towards the Growth. It was Mihir Saraiya who first invented the company and named it All Automatic. Aimed, Charged, on the Toes, No Fanciness and always Committed are His Key Characteristics

Dhaval Shah

The Responsibility Holder, Humble, Time Bond and Quality Finisher is Dhaval Shah at All Automatic. It’s because of Him, the entire company celebrates successful 5 years. It’s his hard work and patience that leads each project to have quality operations and timely deliveries. He has been a scholar at collage and left his Masters to Incept All Automatic and thus Success had to touch his hands. Aimed, Charged, on the Toes, No Fanciness and always Committed are His Key Characteristics

Vikram Bhosle

Vikram is a Charmer on the floor, you get to know when he’s around. The best personality, jolly at nature and the best deal maker at All Automatic. Vikram wasn’t the actual Inceptor but when he joined! He doubled the growth of All Automatic with his abilities of closing the deals and bringing in the right projects for the company. Vikram had always been best at co curricular activities and that’s what makes him a great observer. The Smile Maker, Goal Oriented, on his Words and Client Biased is what Vikram is known for.

Now that you know them! you should meet them...

At All Automatic, YOU are the FIRST priority.