All Automatic, the name itself had a vision of making everything automatic in living and working atmosphere. When we say, All Automatic; we mean to make your surrounding Secured, In Control 24*7 and which leads your lifestyle with Luxury and also, helps your lifestyle to save much of energy.


About Us

All Automatic believes that your home is more than four walls & a ceiling, it is your living, breathing space. A shrine where your journey unfolds & evolves, it is the place which accommodates all your moods & every occasion. We help adapt your home to the rhythm of your life. We provide ingeniously designed solutions to enhance every single facet of your life. We create technology that brings your home to life.

All Automatic was founded on a commitment to create the most professional automation, multi-room audio & theater experience possible. We craftily design & combine components of technology to create a unique amenity for each room while respecting the design concept. To accomplish this, we blend technology within the environment in a seamless & invisible manner.

Established in 2012, the company's mission is to provide a great and more affordable way to control and automate lighting, music, video and security in a room or entire house or office. Today, All Automatic team works with home and business owners to provide transformational benefits to smart and connected home that are more convenient, peaceful and an efficient environment with comfort & security.

@ All automatic, we believe that life will be better when everything will work together and in a synchronized manner. All automated solutions are connected to nearly 10,000 third-party consumer electronics devices - and this number is increasing rapidly.

By adopting the best technologies to integrate with the premium brands in consumer electronics, equipment, energy, lighting and home security, All Automatic leads to a difference in industry, ensuring that the provision of long-range devices will work together at home or business.

All Automatic Mission

We are dedicated to developing the easy-to-use technology that has security, strength, and meaningful effect on people, families and their communities.This is the guiding principle behind our work, and strengthens our perception that the best technique makes you smarter, puts you in control, and gives you access to the information you need.




We see the world to be more controlled, secured and also see the world with much of easiness in living. To achieve these basic fundamentals, we jotted our CORE VALUES at the inception of All Automatic.End to

End consulting, with total responsibility.

Quality Equipment with Timely Installation.

Support is Always Priority.

Give Value, To Your Investment

Before all, Client; Stands First, Period.


Is All Automatic's Success Parameter.